Income Support number- 0843 487 1843

Income Support NumberIncome support is designed to assist those on a low income and without substantial savings, claimants must be at least 16 years old but under the age of state pension eligibility. In addition, those seeking Income Support must work less than 16 hours per week and their reason for not actively seeking employment must be on the grounds of disability, illness or caring for a dependent or someone with illness.

Obviously everyone’s circumstances are unique and many situations are of a delicate nature, therefore it is not surprising that many people prefer to discuss their requirements directly – by calling the ‘Income Support Number’ your call will be efficiently connected to a dedicated advisor.

Income Support Information

Despite finding a wealth of information online (via we have also outlined details associated with two of the most talked about topics – Income Support eligibility and ways in which to make your Income Support claim.

Income Support Eligibility

Eligibility depends on various criteria, however the basic rules apply to all – i.e. age (you must be at least 16 years old but less than 65 years old), inability to work (with any work that is undertaken equating to less than 16 hours) and savings should be under £16,000 (with anything over £6000 having an effect of the amount awarded).

Of course, any possible benefit is down to an individual’s situation, but if you have no income and definitely qualify for Income Support, the minimum amount is usually £56.80 per week.

For a more detailed estimate, you will find a convenient online benefits calculator at – it is advisable to gather as much information as possible such as details of savings, payslips, existing benefit and pension documents, your council tax bill and a rundown of outgoings including childcare and housing payments (rent or mortgage), before beginning any calculations.

Making an Income Support Claim

Making a claim is achievable by post, phone or by visiting your local jobcentre – if you would like to contact the jobcentre beforehand, customer service staff are available from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday, alternatively you can also find out further information via the Income Support telephone number provided.

Are you aware that you and your partner can make a claim (if they haven’t already made an application)? Please note that it is essential to provide proof of income and savings for both you and your partner, whether making a single or joint application.

Income Support NumberAppealing an Income Support decision

Appealing against your Income Support claim decision can be done by post or by writing to the ‘Department for Work and Pensions’, in the first instance asking for an explanation behind the decision made. Then there are a following two steps to your appeal which include,

  • Making a request for ‘mandatory reconsideration’ – you must provide evidence supporting where you think DWP misinterpreted or didn’t regard specific facts.
  • The outcome of the ‘mandatory reconsideration’ will result in written notice stating whether changes have or have not been made. If the initial decision is going to remain unchanged or only partially altered, you may also receive a phone call.
  • If ‘mandatory reconsideration’ was unsuccessful and you are not happy with the outcome, a secondary appeal can be launched via the, ‘Social Security and Child Support Tribunal’.
  • Please note that appeals can be made up to 13 months after the original decision, depending upon the circumstances behind the delay, e.g. bereavement, hospitalisation and postal strikes are all typically considered to be valid reasons.
  • You can deal with lots of different benefits through the same department such as the esa phone numbers also deal with income support