Income Support claims – 0843 487 1843

Income Support claimsIncome Support is a benefit intended to help those with little or no income. Successful Income Support claims hinge on the claimant meeting several eligibility factors, but if successful claimants will receive a minimum of £56.80 per week for under 25’s and £72.40 for those 25 or over. There are also premiums if there are special circumstances.

Who is eligible to make Income Support claims?

To be successful with Income Support applications the claimant needs to be over 16, but under the state retirement age. They also need to be either pregnant, a carer or a lone parent with a child under the age of 5. There are also some cases where people can claim because they are unable to work due to illness or disability. Claimants must also have little or no income and must work less than 16 hours per week. If they are part of a couple, their partner should also work less than 24 hours per week. Under 21 year olds can also submit Income Support applications if they are estranged from their parents and are in full time education.

How to claim

Claimants can begin their Income Support applications by calling the Income Support claims number, located within the Department for Work and Pensions. They will be able to request a claim form or they can go through the claim over the telephone. As part of making the claim claimants will need to provide their National Insurance number for both themselves and their partner as well as details of any earnings that they have coming into the household, including other benefits.

Claimants will need to be able to provide evidence of earnings by way of a payslip, bank statement or a document from the organisation paying the money. These much show how much is paid and how often. Agents working on the Income Support applications number have a duty to be certain of your identity so it is also likely that they may require claimants to provide official documentation, such as a passport to confirm this.

What happens next?

Once a claim has been submitted via the Income Support applications number the outcome will be communicated in writing. If successful, claimants will be advised in this letter of the amount payable and this will be paid every two weeks into the nominated bank account supplied during the claims process. If the claim was unsuccessful the reasons why will be communicated in the outcome letter. The decision can be appealed at this stage, either in writing or over the telephone by calling the Income Support claims number.