Income Support rates

Income Support ratesIncome support is a means-tested benefit designed to provide money to anyone that is not in work or has low earnings. Income Support rates will vary depending on individual circumstances, with the following providing details of the basic amounts available and the requirements for applying. Calling the Income Support contact number can also help.


Eligibility for income support payments depends on a number of factors. Those that can apply for the benefit need to be between 16 and pension credit age, have no income or a low income, be working less than 16 hours a week (or less than 16 and 24 hours a week for a couple), and not have signed on as unemployed. Additionally they must be either pregnant, a lone parent responsible for a child aged under 5, or a carer. The benefit also applies to anyone under 19 that is in full time education and is either living without a parent, is a parent themselves, or is a refugee that is learning English.

Single Person Rate

The rates for a single person are £57.35 for those between the ages of 16 and 24, and £72.40 for anyone aged over 25. These apply to individual men and women who do not have to look for work to get benefits, are not claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance, and are permanently resident in the UK. 

Lone Parent Rate

When it comes to lone parents the rates are £57.35 for those that are aged 16 or 17, and £72.40 if they are aged over 18.

Couples Rate

Couples will receive £56.80 if they are both under 18 or if one is under 18 and the other is aged 18 to 24. If one partner is under 18 and the other is 25 or older then the rate increases to £71.70. If both partners in a couple are over 18 they will receive £112.55. 

Other Information

It is not a requirement to have a permanent address to apply for income support and those sleeping rough, based in a hostel, or living in a care home can apply. Anyone that has savings in excess of £16,000 cannot apply, and combined earnings and savings exceeding £5,999 will impact on how much income support is paid. Payments are typically made every two weeks into a bank account.

How to Claim

Applications can be made by post to local Jobcentre Plus offices or by phone to 0800 0556688.

The Income Support rates shown above are the basic allowances. There are also additional premiums of between £15.55 and £122.20 for those with exceptional circumstances, such as being disabled or caring for a disabled child.